Firefighters Rescue Cat From Massive Blaze


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Anchorage Fire Department Engineer Pat O’Shea carries a cat that was rescued from the fire.


Photographer Bill Roth captured the moment in a series of images as a cat was rescued from a fire in Anchorage, AK on Thursday.

The Anchorage Fire Department responded to a blazing fire that swept through at least four units at an apartment complex on Richardson Vista Road Thursday afternoon. Flames were shooting through the roof  when firefighters arrived. All of the people home at the time had escaped to safety by the time firefighters reached the scene, but the crew rescued this cat and a dog from the fire. About 40 people were displaced by the fire.




Photos: Bill Roth, Anchorage Daily News



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7 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Cat From Massive Blaze”

  1. Thank you M. Fireman, I’m pretty sure the owners and the cat are overwhelmed with joy for what you’ve done!

  2. What an ignorant response to a very heartwarming story! Instead of saying that you were happy that the cat and dog was saved you instead opted to blame the owners for not taking them with them. Did you ever think that maybe the owners of the pets weren’t home? The article said that everybody that was “home” escaped, maybe if your small brain can wrap around this, just maybe, you might have figured that the owners might not have been among the ones that were “home” when it happened.

  3. I was not posting an ignorant response. I was just concerned that’s all. If you heard tone in my voice, you’d know I’m coming from a place of concern for the animals, not a voice or criticism or persecution. Nothing ignorant about what I said at all. I was just saying with a smoke alarm, these things can be prevented. Isn’t prevention preferred?

  4. Maybe the owners were out at the time. That happened to me 3 yrs ago . We’d had 2 big blizzards & a power failure. Woke up to freezing house. I was home on a snow day( I’m a teacher). I went to store to get firewood for fireplace & to get warm. Came back & house was on fire & surrounded by firetrucks. Power had come back on & shorted out something .I screamed for them to find my cats but they couldn’t & they both died from the smoke.If I had been home I could’ve called the fire dept & saved my cats.I had plans to save my pets in case of disaster & in this case I would’ve taken them out the front door & put them in my car. But I wasn’t there to do it 🙁

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