Faithful Cat Comforts Injured Man

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By Karen Harrison Binette

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Reddit user Truth_Bomb posted the photo above a couple of days ago, saying: “Since I’ve come home from the hospital, he’s rarely left my side.”

He added a few more photos showing kitty staying close by, and discussed his injuries with fellow Redditors, including some details about the injury and his state of mind.

“I was recently in a bad scooter vs. car accident. (tl,dr – Someone cut me off. I have a lot of broken bones below the waist.) The result: I’m stuck in a wheelchair for 4-6 weeks.”

“There’s a very long screw in my left knee and a rod down through my right tibia. Not run over. Just major impacts.”

“I started the whole thing in a very positive place. The very first thing I thought as I laid there in the street after the crash was, “Can you move your toes?” I could, so even though I was writhing and moaning in pain, I knew I’d be able to walk again eventually. That, I think, has helped me stay mostly positive throughout.”

Truth_Bomb says he has also had some dark moments and credits kitty’s closeness and purrs as helping with his recovery.

Truth_Bomb also posted at the Los Angeles area subreddit, asking if anyone knew of handicapped accessible housing within a certain budget. He found a new place to live, that is conveniently located for him and his SC, and where his kitty companion is welcome.

“My new place is nice, it’s a bit of a stretch but in my price range, it’s in a nice area, and it allows this guy (The Cat a.k.a. El Gato a.k.a. Monsieur Le Chat), who’s using his purring powers to help me heal more everyday!”






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