Eva’s Eden: A Paradise For Cats Awaiting Adoption


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Eva’s Eden refuge and rescue center enhances the lives of cats awaiting adoption and helps them present their best selves to prospective adopters.

Eva’s Eden, of Blaine, Washington, is a soothingly decorated cageless refuge center where cats can climb and lounge on catwalks and roam as they would in any of our homes.

Director Cheryl Walker founded the center and now houses it at her Oneness Foundation spiritual center to honor the memory of her own cat Eva who, despite vaccination and good care, contracted and succumbed to distemper in December, 2010. Eva’s was begun in January and moved to its current location after several weeks. The center’s cats come largely from shelters and other rescues, particularly those in towns where residents are less likely to spay and neuter their pets. They are likely to be those cats who are unwanted or neglected and whose lives are at risk as a result.

About 100 cats live with between 20 and 25 foster families, who form a support network, during the week, so they can become socialized and family-ready, and about 30 to 40 cats live at the center. Cats are made available at the center for weekly adoption days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“Cage-free is important to us because the kitties can show their personalities to our visitors and continue the socialization that they receive during the week with their foster families.”

Asst. Director Nicole Walker

Audiocast interview with assistant director Nicole Walker:


The center’s website has a page with beautiful portraits and bios of available cats, as well as Petfinder listings.



You can visit the center’s website and Facebook page to learn more about them, their philosophy and their mission.

We are glad that Cheryl Walker has chosen to honor Eva by providing good lives for other cats at Eva’s Eden.

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