Emotional Plea About Abandoned Kitten Painfully Honest

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When a woman heard something strange and went to investigate a box left near her car, it broke her heart. Inside she found an abandoned kitten.

Piggly Wiggly parking lot not an animal drop-off

Sarah Millard came back to her car from a quick stop into her local grocer, she took pause at hearing meowing.

“I ran inside to grab a juice, and I was walking back to my car and heard meowing, and I looked in the car to see if someone left a cat, then listened to the hood because I thought it might have gotten stuck in there,” she wrote to WDHN News. She then saw a cardboard box located not far from her vehicle, but out of view from security cameras.

92 degrees with no water

She shocked at finding a tiny, scared kitten closed up inside the box. With no water or food, how long it could have survived in the heat was anyone’s guess. Millard was so distraught, she took the box to her car, doing what she could to cool down the little occupant. Overwhelmed by the situation, she took to sending her first-ever live Facebook feed.

She was highly emotional wondering how any person could do something like this, “to a little cat! I don’t know what to do. I’m going to try and give it some water, but I don’t want it to bite or scratch me or anything. … It’s so scared.”

Her message to anyone listening

Her message was simple and heartfelt. Don’t abandon animals. There are other ways to handle these kinds of situations that don’t involve putting them at risk.

“I wanted to go live to tell you guys to not ever do this to animals because that’s such a s—– thing to do to leave it in a box, helpless.”

Abandonment is not uncommon

Millard shared with the news outlet that animals being left behind at this particular store is not unusual. Sadly, this kitten is one of many, but thanks to a caring individual it is safe at an area shelter.

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  1. ❤️This woman is a kind soul to help this kitten the individual who left this kitten should have karma happen to them…❤️

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