Driver the Survivor is Healing, Playing “Like a Cat”

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By Samme

(Picture: Facebook/Felines and Canines)

Driver the scalded cat has made an amazing recovery and has begun to purr, play and “act like a cat,” according to Abby Smith, executive director of Felines and Canines of Chicago. The photos of Driver tell the story of Driver’s incredible recovery and the love he has received from everyone at Felines and Canines, including Smith and her caring staff: Antwan, Lionel, Sean and Tracie, pictured below with Driver.

(Picture: Facebook/Felines and Canines)

Driver is the cat who was the victim of extreme animal cruelty. Leon Teague, 18, of Chicago was charged with animal torture for allegedly luring the cat onto a back porch so he could pour a pot of boiling water on his helpless victim. A video of the attack was posted on Facebook and a police investigation led to Teague’s arrest, according to police and media reports. He is currently awaiting trial.

Here’s a welcome Facebook update from Smith: “Hi Everybody! These last few days have been amazing and our guy Driver is starting to act like a cat! He’s healing really well and has even started playing.” Driver has been receiving laser and debriding treatments, plus ResQ Organics lotion applied to the burn. “I am so happy to share this update and show you just how much healing this guy has done in the month he has been with us,” said Smith. “Thank you to everybody who donated, shared and sent good thoughts and wishes. It took a village for Driver and without you, he would not look like this today.”

“I love how relaxed and content he looks in these pics!” commented poster Melissa Sackett. “Great to see him playing,” wrote Dan Malcic. We agree.

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