Devon Rex Cat is Lost and Found

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By Karen Harrison Binette

“Sigourney”, a pure bred Devon Rex cat from Alstonville, NSW Australia spent most of her life indoors until she went missing recently. Her lost and found story got a neatly tied up happy ending that owes a lot to caring people and a remarkable coincidence.

Veterinarian Michael Fitzgerald, who writes about pets for the Northern Star, played a part in the story when a cat who’d been hanging around a pre-school for several days was brought to him last week after students and teachers became concerned.

Because the cat was small and thin, with an unusual appearance, her rescuers from the school thought she was sick, old or both. The cat was, in fact, a healthy Devon Rex. The clinic decided to call her Sigourney, tended to a sore eye, and sent her home with a foster caregiver named Helen.

Helen made the cat feel welcome while looking around for her owner. After a few days, she wrote up a found notice and set out to post it on a community bulletin board. As she pinned her note to the board, Helen was stunned to find its lost cat counterpart pinned next to it, reading “LOST: Female devon rex cat, I am an indoor cat and don’t know about cars and dogs, and am much loved, Paula!”

The lost cat was confirmed to be the one her rescuers were calling Sigourney, who was soon reunited with her petmom.

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