Cutest Kitten in the World?

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Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.51.44 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

All kittens are ridiculously cute, so it’s probably impossible find the cutest one of all. But Daisy is a serious contender for the crown.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.50.13 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

She belongs to Ben Torode, an Australia-born, Japan-based translator who lives in Tokyo, and loves to take photos of Daisy and his other cats, according to My Modern Met, who had this to say:

“By golly, I think we’ve done it. We just found the cutest kitten in the world! Her name is Daisy and she lives in Japan. The blue-eyed ball of fur is only cuter because of her miniature size, which owner Ben Torode accentuates by capturing her peeking her head out of a mixing bowl or from under a hat. For some perspective, he even placed her next to a standard miso soup bowl.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.39.13 PM
(Ben Torode)
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.39.39 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

Whether or not you think Daisy is cuter than your kitten, she is uber adorable in these photos. Like this one hiding under a cap.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.39.49 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.39.23 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

Or acting like a basket case. And showing off her fighting form.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.38.52 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

Here’s what Torode told My Modern Met about her: “Daisy doesn’t like to be held or even petted that much, but she HATES to be alone. Her happiest time (apart from eating) is joining us on the bed. She just likes to be near us and that’s when she’ll purr like crazy. She also has a great hunter instinct. She’ll stalk, hunt and pounce at her mortal enemy, the mysterious laser pointer, until she’s tired.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.49.55 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

Or doing whatever it is she’s doing here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.47.04 PM
(Photo: Ben Tarode/My Modern Met)

If you want to see more, here’s a link to Torode’s Flickr page.

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  1. That is not true because my kitty LiKy is actually the cutest of her breed. Daisy is super cute but LiLy is cuter way way way cuter. #cutestkittyisLiLy

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