Cuddling With Your Cat When You Are Sick May Be Just What You Need

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It appears that everything you knew intuitively as a cat owner is true.  Your kitty is a comfort when you are feeling sick and they won’t spread or catch human viruses.  Short of stating the in-home cat therapy would be a viable medical prescriptive, if it makes you feel better, then snuggle away.

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In a Vanderbilt research article,  it is the two-legged creatures that pose a fair bigger threat when it comes to passing us a disease.  Flu, for example, is shared via close contact.  The three foot “breathing zone,” is the place where you can catch a bug from someone else.  They can also be transmitted by hands, so fixtures like doorknobs can hold onto the viruses until someone else grabs hold.  With the virus transferred, if the individual touches their face without have washed or sanitized their hands.  Dr. William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, suggests changing from a handshake to an elbow bump in the case of greeting friends during flu season.

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Remembering to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer, as well, to keep opportunities for infection at bay. It also states the single best way to avoid getting sick in both people and pets is to get immunizations.  For pets it is via their annual vaccines and for people with a flu shot.   The good doctor also mentioned there is also a difference animals and people, as people do display a shiny tag showing they are up to date with their shots.

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The difference is, Schaffner noted, people don’t get a shiny tag to wear showing that they are up-to-date on immunizations.

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