Crazy Cat Lady Exhibit has L.A. Premier

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By Adrea

As most everyone knows, there really is not such thing as a crazy cat lady, rather it is simply someone who has an affinity for cats and cats are great. However, since that stereotype will most likely persist, in spite of best efforts to thwart that way of thinking, The Animal Museum is using it to full advantage with their forthcoming Crazy Cat Ladies Exhibit.

According to their website, “Crazy Cat Ladies: Celebrating Kitties and Their Champions curated by Lisa Levinson, takes a magnifying glass to the myths and stereotypes surrounding this legendary figure and provides viewers with a heartfelt insight into today’s modern cat lady and gent. Working with dozens of nonprofits, academics and advocates from around the country, we’re defining, embracing, and reclaiming the term “Crazy Cat Ladies” with dignity and humor.

To celebrate both the NEW location of The Animal Museum in the Arts District of Downtown L.A. and have a sneak peak at the Crazy Cat Ladies Exhibit, a special reception will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016,  5:30 to 8:30 pm.  Please check out Facebook or Brown Paper Tickets for details.

The museum is located at 421 Colyton Street in Los Angeles and there is plenty of street parking and lots available.

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