Coffee the Cat Recovers From Arrow Wound As His Petmom Asks Why

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By Karen Harrison Binette

A cat shot with an arrow was not seriously hurt, and is making a recovery; while his petmom, like so many people in her position, wonders how and why someone would hurt an easygoing and loving animal that did not deserve it. This is just one case from those we see on a daily basis, most of which are much worse.

Anne Marie Jenkins, of Griswold CT, came home on Oct. 23 to find her 14 year old cat, Coffee, shot in the face with an arrow and struggling to make his way toward her. Anne Marie’s description of that moment is as follows, “I was like don’t do that you know, cause he was tripping over the arrow, it was stuck. So he was trying to run with it, waggling back and forth with it in his skin.”

The arrow went through Coffee’s cheek and out his chin, pushing some teeth out of place. The wound was not life threatening, and he is on the mend;  beginning to eat on his own and walk around again.

While the wound was not as serious as it could have been, Anne Marie still was faced with a $1,ooo vet bill, which she had to pay up front before she could have the arrow removed. She says she paid without thinking twice about it.

Police are investigating the case. They say the arrow must have been Meant to kill the cat.

A local news crew made this report.

Cat shot with arrow recovering:

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