Buddy the Cat Saves Petdad From Fire

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Grand Island NY resident Carl Cryszak credits his cat Buddy with saving his life after a fire broke out in their apartment early this morning. The fire department later determined that the apartment’s smoke detectors were not working when an electrical fire started in the apartment’s walls. Buddy knew something was wrong as the apartment filled with smoke so he woke petdad Carl, who says,  “My cat woke me up and the place was filled with smoke. I opened the windows right away and I put the cat outside.”

Buddy may not just have saved himself and Carl; his actions enabled Carl to contain the fire by throwing water on it as he and the building’s other residents waited for firefighters to arrive. While damage was not extensive, Carl and Buddy are staying with family as they wait for their apartment’s walls to be repaired.

You can hear the emotion in Carl’s voice as he talks to a news crew about Buddy and the fire.

Note: The play button below the video, on the left, may be difficult to see, but it is there.

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