Charges Against Mesa Catnapper and Alleged Cat Killer Are Dropped

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Local residents of a Mesa, AZ neighborhood, through vigilance and determination, identified an animal abuser and danger to society and led police to make an arrest earlier this month.

The case was disturbing enough that local residents and businesses put up $5,000 toward a reward and the HSUS added another $2,500, to get the person off the streets.

Our stories $7,500 Reward Offered For Mesa AZ Catnapper, from August 31, and Arrest Made in Mesa AZ Catnappings, from September 4, followed the case, which can be summed up, in brief, as follows:

Neighborhood vigilance led to the arrest of Scott Andrew Graham for the catnapping and killing of a Mesa, AZ cat whose August 8 abduction was captured on surveillance video, and whose mutilated body was later found in the area. Neighbors have reported 12 cats missing; two other cats were found dead.

Graham, who lives with relatives in the neighborhood, admitted to authorities that he took between 30 to 40 cats but denies hurting any of them. He claims to have taken them home, played with them, then released them. Evidence at the home Graham is staying at, and in the car, along with the surveillance footage all led to the arrest.

Neighborhood residents, who were afraid for their pets and their children before the catnapper’s arrest, were pleased and relieved when he was arrested and charged. Now the mood has changed, as all charges but a single minor count were dropped today.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, citing lack of evidence, will not prosecute Scott Andrew Graham. The attorney’s Office sent the case back to Mesa police for more evidence, and a Mesa police spokesperson said their detectives won’t pursue the case.

Though the suspect admitted to stealing 30 to 40 cats, was captured on video stealing Biscuit, who was found mutilated and dead the following day, and whose car trunk had cat hairs in it and reportedly smelled like death, the case has been dropped.

Neighborhood residents say that for them the case is not over and they want Graham to know they are watching him.  It is our opinion that they cannot watch him too closely, and they should keep their pets and children inside, alarm their homes, and maintain security patrols 24/7 for as long as the catnapper lives in their midst.

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  1. What goes around, comes around; life will hopefully dole out more punishment than could be given by the legal system…..

  2. They have him on video taking the cat who was found dead the next day what else do you need?? We have been let down again by our so called legal system. Sounds like we need a new legal system or at least a new DA.

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    I tried to find a good reference for human accomplishment to compare but quickly fell into information overload.  I looked for what cats have accomplished in the last 100 years, 1,000 years, 5,000 years the result was quite the opposite, I found nothing.

    The man in question broke the law and he should be punished to the extent of the law.  

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