Almost Two Years and 900 Miles Later Cat Goes Home

    Bobby made it back home.  After being away from home for almost two years, the cat was found in Fallon, Nevada, 900 miles away from his Great Falls, Montana home, thanks to his microchip.   A cat gone missing Bobby went out and never came home one night. Losing a pet can be … Read more

Sad Update: 30 lb Cat Passes Just 19 Days After Adoption

“I’m just really glad he got to have his last days in a loving home. We were there for him as much as he was for us. Hard to walk into our house and not have him greet us at the door.”

UPDATE: Potential Cat Caretaker Job on Greek Island Gone Viral

When a posting goes viral there can be all kinds of unexpected outcomes. Take the current situation the caretaker for God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary on the island of Syros in Greece which now has over 1,000 applications for the position.

Special Needs Kitten Befriends Rescued Piglet

When Sriracha had a bad day, Dragonlord seemed to instantly know. The piglet, rescued auction, when introduced to the the kitten with CH, found a true friend.