Cat Steals the Show in Couple’s Wedding Photos


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By Karen Harrison Binette



The bride and groom didn’t mind when Coco the cat upstaged them both in photos from their July 6 wedding.

Houston, TX newlyweds Danielle and Justin Foley were super good sports when when their wedding photographer Luciana Justice noticed a cat at their small home wedding and asked if the couple would pose for some additional pics with her.

Luciana writes in a post at her Luciana Justice Photography website: “After the ceremony I noticed the couple had a beatiful cat (just learned she’s a rescue!). If you know me you know where this would go, while doing the family formals pictures I asked: – Could we take a picture with your cat?

“They jumped into it! and the result was one of the cutest, CATtitude image I will cherish forever!”

Luciana took on the wedding assignment by chance when she got a call from a friend, and the internet is rejoicing as Coco’s wedding pics go viral.

According to Luciana, Coco is a rescued cat with a sad history and beautiful happy ending. While we do not know Coco’s full story, we know she was adopted in 2011 after being in residence at Friends for Life in Houston, TX for quite some time.

Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization – Houston, Texas wrote at Facebook on May 9, 2011:, “Coco was with FFL for a long time and was recently adopted! Having been with us for so long, she had a LOT of fans. Here is a wonderful update from her new adopters:

“Just wanted to write and say thank you for everything. Coco seems to love our little place. She is so very doting and is interested in everything we’re doing. We are having the best time – Coco is just wonderful – she is eating great – not too much trouble with scratching – no problems with litter training – lots of brushing – funny she has little interest in catnip toys but loves balled up cardboard. Thank you all so much!”

“Her new favorite spot [is] the bookshelf. We cleared out the books and have since laid a little blanket on there for her. ”

Reddit user neahtmusic got the ball rolling on Coco and her wedding pics with the post Cat + wedding = happy cat.















The happy couple in one of their photos sans cat.


We are grateful to Luciana Justice Photography for permission to share these wonderful photos. Please visit Luciana’s site, and please, especially, give Luciana Justice Photography at Facebook some love. You’ll enjoy seeing her photos there.

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  1. She’s a lucky cat! From what I can see she was probably only held (against her will) for only a few moments. They’re fabulous photos!

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