Cat Missing Since April 27 Tornado Reunited With Woman During TV Interview

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Judy Pugh got the happy surprise of a lifetime as her missing cat turned up during a local TV interview. She had been searching for Cadie since their home was destroyed by a tornado nearly a month ago.



Ms. Pugh and the WIAT CBS42 reporter stood talking amid the rubble of her Tuscaloosa, Alabama home. As the woman told of her ordeal trying to get out of the house with her three cats, and having a wall fall on her, which she credits with saving her from being sucked out and away in the tornado, then losing Cadie,  the thin, bedraggled cat wandered onto the scene as though on cue.

The unexpected and heartwarming reunion was captured in the interview, shown below.



0 thoughts on “Cat Missing Since April 27 Tornado Reunited With Woman During TV Interview”

  1. Happily ever after <3 I love the ending story. It makes me soooo happy to hear the grrrreat news.

  2. I cudnt see the video on my phone bt the pic I saw Is priceless! Sooo happy for that lovely lady and her beautiful cat <3 best story iv seen all day 🙂 xxx

  3. Praise the Lord~! So happy for her and I completely understand~! I have several cats and all my pets mean the world to me~! Poor thing needs a trip to the vet and some cuddling that’s for sure~! I thought it was a buff colored cat but when she said he had a green and a blue eye it’s probably a white cat that just needs a bath~! :*) So VERY HAPPY FOR HER~! Thank you Jesus~!

  4. What I think is so cute is when she picks that Cat up it just starts purring like “I found you finally!” You can just see it in both of them that they are happy to see one another.

  5. jim fitzpatrick…have you ever loved or been loved by a cat like this woman and her cat? i have. i promise you that reaction between them is anything but fake. how do you train a cat to look starved and then purr and knead in utter joy and contentment upon being reunited with a lost companion? i have been rescuing cats for over ten years now and believe me, what you see here is as real and as beautiful as it gets.

  6. @Jim, the reason the cat was looking away, is because it was being wary of the camera crew, and trying to remain watchful. I’ve seen lots of rescued animals reunited with their owners looking away. If your pet does that, don’t feel snubbed. If the animal’s been through an ordeal, especially where it had to be on high-alert to survive, they’ll continue to be on alert for a long time afterward. Plus, they know us humans get lost in our emotions and can only focus on them. So they stand guard even while overcome with joy (they’re still animals, so survival instincts remain strong). His purring and holding onto her arm, then straining at the cage to remain close to her, speaks for itself. :3

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