Cat Missing for a Year Found in Pet Food Warehouse

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Clive, a cat who went missing from Toton, England when he was just nine months old, has been found safe and sound living in a pet food warehouse.

Clive went missing fourteen months ago, and his owner, Tanya Irons, had assumed that the Norwegian Forest Cat had been taken in by a new family. Irons had microchipped Clive, but had received no notification that his microchip had been scanned.

Last week, workers at the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse found evidence that a cat was living in the warehouse. They set about trying to catch the cat, and eventually succeeded in catching Clive by using a humane trap. They discovered that Clive was microchipped, though the phone number registered was not working. Still, the search persisted and the vet who had microchipped Clive was able to give Kennelgate Pet Superstores an updated phone number.

Irons was alerted that Clive had been found, and the two were reunited. Clive has been well-nourished living in the pet food warehouse, and is now safely back at home.

Clive’s microchip may be the reason that he was reconnected with his owner. Microchipping your pet can help to bring your pet home if he is found or brought to a shelter or vet.

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