Cat is unharmed after 26 story fall from high rise building

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By Karen Harrison Binette



A cat named Jommi astounded her petdad when she survived an accidental 26 story fall from a high rise apartment building completely unscathed.

Jommi shares a 26th floor flat in the Hong Kong high rise with her owner, Al Ling. She was playing when Al Ling went to the kitchen to get her something to eat. When he returned to the other room, the cat was gone and was not to be found in the flat.

He said: “We went into the other room for a few minutes and shortly after when I came out calling for her, I was looking everywhere and could not find her.

“We had left a little window crack open to get some fresh air and I suddenly had the horrific thought that she may have gotten through the gap.

“I looked over and saw a large hole in a tent 26 stories below, and I knew she had gone over.

“The force of her impact was so great it had bent the tent’s aluminium frame so you can imagine my utter shock when I went inside and found her licking her paws as if nothing had happened.

“I remember seeing a QI programme once where they talked about a cat’s low terminal velocity when falling from great heights and that the higher the fall the more likely the survival.

“Whatever the reason, Jommi is going to be the most spoiled cat in history now.”

Jommi’s fall is an example of High Rise Syndrome. While some cats walk away from such falls unscathed, others suffer serious injuries or even death.


The 26 story residential building from which Jommi made her fall
The  residential building from which Jommi made her fall




The tent that broke Jommi's fall, with its bent pole
The tent that broke Jommi’s fall, with its bent pole


The view looking up through the torn tent at ground level

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  1. Hope this guy got his cat to the vet! Cats hide injury, and it takes a trained professional with x-ray machines, etc. to verify that there were no fractures or ruptured anything.

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