Cat Gets Lifesaving Blood Transfusion from Shelter Cat

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Splash, left and Pailey, right
Photos, Humane Society of Tampa Bay


Pailey was near death due to severe anemia when she received a lifesaving blood transfusion from a shelter cat named Splash this week. She is doing much better and Splash is in the spotlight for saving her life.

By the time she was referred to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Animal Health Center by Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service, 11 year old Pailey was so weak from anemia she couldn’t eat or stand and vets said she needed a blood transfusion or she would die.

Vets at the health Center found the perfect blood donor in Splash, a big, strong, healthy tuxedo cat at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s shelter.

“I received a call from one of our veterinarians asking if we had a shelter cat who could serve as a blood donor for a client who was dying,” HSTB Director of Shelter Operations Pam Backer is quoted saying in a post at HSTB’s website. “Although we’ve done many transfusions between dogs, we’ve never tried it with cats. But, there was a pet in need so I immediately began looking for a suitable donor.”

“I told him we were going to have a little adventure together,” said Backer. “I also promised him a big can of wet food and extra cuddles when it was all over. He settled right into my arms, he was game!”

The transfusion went well, and Pailey had become her lively self again within hours.  HTSB says Pailey’s owner was visibly moved upon seeing the dramatic improvement in her beloved pet. She sent her thanks to the cat who’d saved hers, saying “I don’t know what we would have done without you.”

Splash is a friendly owner surrender who is looking for a new home. He is featured along with Pailey in a video report on the story from local TV channel Fox 13, seen below.

Pailey before the transfusion



Pailey after the transfusion, looking brighter already.


Cuddly Splash


Splash sitting pretty.




4 thoughts on “Cat Gets Lifesaving Blood Transfusion from Shelter Cat”

  1. It would be great if Pailey’s owner had adopted Splash, but maybe she could not. She may be in an apartment with a one-pet limit, or similar situation. Maybe she doesn’t have the financial resources to properly care for another pet.

    This is a great story. Blessings to everyone involved. I hope Pailey continues to heal and Splash gets the great home he deserves.

  2. If Pailey’s owner let her get anemic and near death from fleas, She has no business adopting Splash. In fact, letting any animal get that bad sounds like abuse to me.

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