Capturing the Beauty of Maine Coon Cats

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Maine Coons have a certain mystique, and photographer Robert Sijka focuses on them. He shares his captivating photographs on  Instagram and Facebook.

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(Robert Sijak)

On his Facebook page, he explains that he lives in China with his wife, who is a Maine Coon breeder. And unfortunately they do not appear to do any rescue work.

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(Robert Sijak)

If you love Maine Coons, remember you don’t have to buy from a breeder.

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(Robert Sijka)

You can adopt a rescue Maine Coon. Because they are such a popular breed, animal shelters across the country are filled with Maine Coons and Maine Coon mixes. Check out Maine Coon Rescue Net.

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(Maine Coon Rescue)

Or Maine Coon Adoptions of California, which has this kitty available.

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(Maine Coon Adoptions)

Here’s another glimpse of Sijka’s cat portraits of the amazing Maine Coon.

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(Robert Sijka)

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  1. Mr Sajak I want a picture and a price list of your cats. Could you please e-mail me the prices on your cats. I want the black one with the silver all around their neck. Wish I had a list of pictures. I could show you the one I want…Please get back to me let me know you got this..

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