Burned Kitty Lucky Gets Help


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By Karen Harrison Binette


Thanks to a caring rescue group, Lucky is alive and recovering from the chemical burn injuries he suffered at the hands of an abuser.

Homeless Animals Rescue Team Cat Team volunteer Bettina Markowitz sent us Lucky’s story today.  HART is a rescue group located in Fairfax Station, VA.

Lucky was the victim of terrible abuse and HART will give him the care and love he needs and deserves.

Late Friday April 12th, a HART volunteer received a horrific picture with no explanation from a friend who is a vet tech at a Virginia vet clinic. The picture was of a cat brought in by animal control after reportedly being hit by a car. The truth about his injuries would prove to be more horrific.

It soon became clear that this poor cat had been doused with acid and suffered second degree burns – at the hands of a human. His shoulders neck and the back of his head were raw and riddled with blisters. The acid had even crept into the corner of one eyelid. Most injured animals, when in that much pain, lash out at those trying to help. They can’t help it, it’s just nature’s defense mechanism for them. Not this guy. He was purring and kneading the towel the whole time his wounds were being cleaned.

Once the volunteer heard his story and saw his pictures, she sent out an email to everyone she knew affiliated with an animal rescue. She knew she had to get this guy help quickly. Within minutes of sending the email, several HART volunteers offered their home to foster this poor guy. HART would ensure he got all the necessary treatment and, more importantly, all the love he could ever hope to receive. The call to action was answered and the troops were in place with battle strategies, ready to go. Except…the rural county shelter wouldn’t release him.

According to the shelter director, they were required to abide by the stray period set forth in the state of Virginia. He was not eligible for release until five days after his intake date, which gave him a release date of April 18th. It didn’t matter that HART was anxious to save him and ease his suffering. He was a victim once again – this time to bureaucracy. During his five day hold, he had no medication for his pain and no antibiotics or creams to treat his skin.

HART is determined to turn his story around. HART will ensure that “Lucky” as we are calling him will not suffer a day longer.  HART will show him the love and care he deserves and provide the medical care he needs.

HART is accepting donations for Lucky’s care. Those who wish to contribute can click here to donate to Lucky’s care at PayPal or visit the donation info page at the group’s website. The volunteers say thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

Below is a link to a graphic image of Lucky’s injury at the hands of a human. He has serious chemical burns to the back of his head, his neck, and his shoulder area. Now that he is getting the care he needs, Lucky is on his way to recovery and on his way to days without pain.

(warning – graphic image of Lucky’s acid wounds)



HART is a no-kill animal rescue/support group, incorporated in 1990, that takes in and rehomes stray, abused and unwanted dogs and cats. Whether the animal is a give-up or stray, HART works with local veterinarians, foster homes, kennels, and trainers to provide temporary housing, medical care and, where appropriate, training for our animals until s/he is placed in a loving, carefully-screened new home. HART takes in older, sick, and injured animals as well as the readily adoptable and never takes just the pups and kittens, leaving mom behind. We seek to direct our resources where they are most needed and to alleviate or prevent suffering wherever we find it.

In carrying out our work, HART also helps people who require assistance relating to their pets due to failing health, financial reverses or other personal circumstances. To the extent possible, HART works with senior and indigent persons to enable these owners to keep their companion animals. HART also helps those who can no longer keep their pets by finding a responsible and loving new home for the animal. Finally, HART helps people who themselves rescue a dog or cat in distress, but are unable to provide long-term care for him/her, by relieving the rescuer of the emotional burden of turning the animal over to a public shelter where it may well be put to death.

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  1. What is wrong with people now days,it amazes me that someone could be so cruel to such a loving animals.Prayers for lucky

  2. If you click on the first link under the top picture it will take you to the rescue’s home page and there is a link on there for donations

  3. That poor baby! His burns look so painful! I am praying for his return to health and future happiness.

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