Burned Kitten Is “Tough as Nails”


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Not many grown men could endure the pain this kitten suffered from acid burns over half of his body. And his sweet personality has won over his caregivers.

“He’s just tough as nails and he’s such a good boy,” Dr. Meredith Daly, a BluePearl veterinarian, said in a statement.  His caregivers named the kitten Hugh Jackman after the actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men films; his character possesses super healing powers. Daly is one of the vets who change his bandages every day, according to PEOPLE magazine.

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Animal Care Centers of NYC rescued Hugh, who has burns on his legs, paws, ears, nose and mouth. He was found wandering the streets of EAst New York Brooklyn by a Good Samaritan who  rushed him to BluePearl Veterinary Partners for emergency care. The animal hospital has been providing the kitten with round-the-clock care and expects him to recover.

His injuries include fur loss, bone trauma and severe burns to his eyes, nose and chin that are consistent with being forcefully submerged into a caustic substance, but it’s not clear if he was the victim of abuse or an accident, according to PEOPLE. His teeth were knocked out, leading to speculation he was put in a clothes dryer.

The New York Daily News shared Hugh’s story with their readers, and some $20,000 in donations for his care came pouring in. “All four of his feet still require daily bandage changes, but he’s coping well,” Katy Hansen of Animal Care Centers told the Daily News. “We’re starting to see his personality. He enjoys grooming himself, enjoys being handled when his bandages are changed. He’s rubbing up against us,” she said.

 To donate and help cover the life-saving care for animals like Hugh Jackman, visit nycacc.org/donate.htm.

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  1. Bless him. I love my cat, and I would be devastated if anyone did this to her. Can,t believe what humans are capable of doing to a. Defenseless pet. He is strong. Hope he finds a caring home. ❤️

  2. They should string up the abuser and pour acid on him ..dunk his head in a bowl of acid and then take pliers and slowly strip his skin off and put more acid on his skinless body. Ohhh and break his legs and arms. Then he will know and feel what that poor loving kitten felt.

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