Bulldog Adopts Kitten

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By Karen Harrison Binette



A family’s two year old bulldog has adopted a tiny ginger kitten found abandoned in a church.

Clare Evana with Tigger the kitten and Harley the Bulldog
Clare Evana with Tigger the kitten and Harley the Bulldog

Tigger was found in a church and handed over to Arvonia Vets in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK, where staffer Clare Evans was instantly smitten with him and took him home.

Clare was not the only member of the Evans family to fall in love with the two week old kitten; Harley the bulldog adopted him as her own. Harley snuggles Tigger, who burrows into the flaps and folds of her skin. Even though she is unable to have pups of her own, she has started to produce milk to nurse him.

Harley is very protective of her kitten and keeps a watchful eye guarding his safety.  She monitors the movements of the family’s other two dogs  – Yogi a male mastiff and Kya a female German shepherd – when they come near her her baby.

Yogi has taken an interest in the kitten”s welfare, licking him occasionally. Clare said, “Yogi has given him a few baths, but even then Harley will stand very close.

Kya is kept away from the baby by his guardian.

While Clare is not keeping Tigger, Harley will not lose her baby; Clare’s parents are set to adopt Tigger and they live next door.

Clare said: “We thought it would be too distressing to separate them completely and my boys were quite taken and didn’t want to lose him either They are thrilled nan and granddad have decided to take him in.”












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