Bobby And His Wiggling “Bat” Ears Are a Big Hit

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By Samme

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(2nd Chance Cat Rescue/Facebook)

They call him Bobby Bat Ears because he wiggles his ears while he’s being bottle fed, making this kitten a must-see Internet sensation.

The nice people at 2nd Chance Cat Rescue posted the video with this tip: “Please note: Bobby is upright. You never bottle feed a kitten on his back.”

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According to a report in The Herald Sun of Australia, foster carer Annemarie Veneros saved Bobby Bat Ears and his two siblings were found undera a lemon bush. They were at risk of being euthanized, but she agreed to take them on.

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They kittens had to be bottle-fed every four hours, and that’s Annemarie first witnessed Bobby’s special talent. “We thought he was hilarious,” she told the Herald Sun. “He’s done that since we first got him. I didn’t think to film it until a week later.”

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More than 3.5 million people have watched the video. You can too by going directly to the 2nd Chance Cat Rescue Facebook page.


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