Bluey the cat may have the world’s loudest purr

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A sweet cat who recently lost her home may end up holding the record for the domestic cat with the loudest purr.

When Bluey first came to Blue Cross UK’s Cambridge rehoming centre, staff wondered if the 12 year old cat’s loud purrs signaled a medical condition, but after a vet check they determined that she was in good health and just happens to have an extraordinarily loud purr.  She has a slight hearing loss that may contribute to her loudness, but the bit of deafness does not completely explain the high decibel of her chirps and purrs.

Staff tested the cat’s loud sounds, which have registered at 91 decibels, far beyond the average cat’s and very near the current Guinness record holder, Smokey, who claimed the title in 2011 with a purr of 67.7. decibels.

Bluey lost her home when her owner had to go into care. Despite being displaced from her home and the person who loved her, she has shown shelter staff her gentle and loving nature.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records has weighed in on Bluey, saying: “We’re intrigued by Bluey’s talent and we would welcome an application from his owners so we can look into their claim.

“We would love to hear from them and strongly suggest they make an application for this record via our website.”

Clare Thomas from Blue Cross said: “Bluey purrs all the time. She just has to see someone and she starts purring. She purrs when she’s playing and she purrs when she’s eating.

“We think Bluey is a little deaf but that doesn’t stop her enjoying life. She’s such a happy, friendly cat and she will make such a loving companion.”

Bluey’s adoption profile now lists her as ‘Reserved.’ The profile reads:

“Well hi there! I’m Bluey, I’m a middle-aged longhaired female tortoiseshell who is looking for a new home after my owner had to go into care. I don’t have much of a meow but I do have a fantastic purr, some people have said it’s like a tractor!

“I enjoy being here as I get lots of love from everyone that meets me but I am really looking forward to being someones best friend again. I have a long coat which sometimes needs a bit of a brush up, but don’t worry I enjoy it being brushed.

“I have always been an only pet but I could share my new home with a friendly pal and could live with children but I would like to meet them first.”

Watch the SWNS video about Bluey:

Listen to Bluey’s chirrupy purrs in this video from Blue Cross:



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