DIY How To Make Cat Toys for Easter

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Want to get your cats in on the fun with some simple and fun Easter egg cat toys with catnip and treats? Here’s how!

Chase Holiday writes in her introduction to the video: “Happy Easter & Passover to Everyone! Please spread the idea of peace, love & kindness to all people & animals!

“All cat toys should be supervised by a human and put away when not in use! Easy to make, DIY homemade cats toys with everyday objects. We made these simple cat toys for the Furballs Easter Basket.”

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Here are some more simple instructions:

Tuck pipe cleaners into each side of the straw, you can add duck tape on both ends, (Straws are fun plain too!) When sewing any project, sew together with embroidery thread very tightly and knot well, so a cat CANNOT take it apart.

Pom pom & Pipe Cleaners – Sew these creatures together as many times as you can through the thick part of the Pom Pom’s. Make sure to knock well when done, so the creatures cannot come apart.

Stuffing for Sock – Shredded paper from recycling or pillow stuffing or even cat hair! It’s better to sew this one together tightly (we couldn’t find of needles) with embroidery thread or make sure to tie together very tightly. Don’t let your cat tear it open or eat the stuffing.

Warning!!!! Easter Egg Grass is Unsafe for cats. Don’t use it in their Baskets. The plastic one is deadly.

The Furball Kitties are Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi.

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DIY How To Make Cat Toys for Easter

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