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By Karen Harrison Binette

Beloved cat Bernice, the burn survivor with a worldwide army of loving supporters, made a public appearance over the weekend and met some of her fans.

Photos, Michelle Degner

Bernice was the special guest when she attended a joint open house and Adopt-a-Thon for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society on Saturday, held at the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh. She was accompanied by her favorite banana toy, and greeted her fans like the sweet, friendly diva that she is.

She is well healed from her skin graft and eyelid surgeries, her coat is largely grown in, and she is healthy and spirited.  According to local coverage of her appearance at the Adopt-a-Thon, Bernice’s big news is that she will not be put up for adoption, and will continue to divide her time between her loving caretakers, Dr. Becky Bosetski and vet tech Dyan Meulemans.

We spoke with Michelle Degner, who kindly allowed us to use her photos from the Open House. She said Bernice seems wonderfully healed and energetic, though she was tired from all of the attention by the end of the day. Visitors were asked to keep their distance somewhat, as a precaution against her possibly getting infected if someone was sick or otherwise carrying harmful germs.


Bernice, in a cat’s classic pose

For those unfamiliar with Bernice’s story and her journey of love and healing, see more in our first story Bernice Burned Kitty Fights Back and Holds her Own, and the several updates in our index of Bernice stories. In short, Bernice was found with severe burns over most of her body last July in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Oshkosh Area Humane Society rescued her and brought her to the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, which became her home. Bernice might have been put down due to the severity of her injuries, but her sweet spirit and will to live touched hospital staff, who decided to give her a chance at life and healing. She has recovered to a greater degree than anyone would have imagined.

Bernice has a worldwide army of love and support gathered around her via the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh Facebook page. You can see more from her appearance at their page.

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6 thoughts on “Bernice Makes a Public Appearance”

  1. Bernice – What a beautiful sweetheart! You look just wonderful and I wish I could have met you in person. I have four kitties of my own at home and they all say ‘Hello’ to you and that you have come such a long way and look and feel great… are truly a little miracle and we all appreciate viewing your lovely pictures whenever they are posted. Kisses to that great little girl….
    God bless you and your caretakers always!

  2. HOORAY!! Good news for Bernice! She doesn’t have to go through the stress of moving to an adoptive furever home. She already has it! Bernice will be staying right where she is-with her current caregivers. She will be sharing her time between Dr. Becky and vet tech Dyan-as she has been doing for some time. To me, this is the most wonderful news I could hear about/for Bernice.
    Congratulations to all at the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, her caregivers, but mostly for BERNICE!!

  3. I am thankful that Miss B will remain with those she already knows and loves and vice versa; plus they are the experts in her care. Love ya, sweetie!

  4. Hi Sweetheart:
    You have come so very, very far and there is no greater inspiration in the world, my darling!!! Rock on honey, with the loving spirit you share with others….you are an example of pure love and hope in the worst of situations!!! God Bless You and those who are now your precious caretakers!! I am so-o-o relieved that you are staying in the safe arms of people that you know and trust and blessed to have you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, honey and tons of love!!!

  5. hi sweetie
    you are one amzing kitty keep up the good work .. you are an inspiring , and a very beautiful cat and very perfect …. so take care and let me know how you are doing and much love from a fan in michigan <3 hugs and kisses shelly

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