Bernice Burned Kitty Doing Great After Skin Procedure For Increased Mobility.


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By Karen Harrison Binette

A lovable little fighter continues her journey back from terrible injuries, against all odds.

Bernice, the Oshkosh WI cat with the worldwide following who received severe burns last summer, is doing great after a surgical procedure to replace tight, constricting scar tissue with nice, stretchy skin. After resting at the home of her angel Dr. Becky for several days, Bernice returned to Animal Hospital of Oshkosh and had some pics taken to show the wonderful improvement in her appearance that goes along with her increased mobility.

Bernice had her sutures out on Monday 9/19 and was running around the hospital in no time, though staff encouraged her to rest, as the healing process continued. A report from Wednesday 9/21 says that Bernice is showing greatly increased mobility after only ten days, and that Dr, Becky is very happy with the procedure’s outcome.

Bernice will see her surgeon again next week to have some scar tissue removed from her back half.


Bernice after:

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7 thoughts on “Bernice Burned Kitty Doing Great After Skin Procedure For Increased Mobility.”

  1. Yay Bernice – you look great and I hope you feel better and better every day. Many many thanks to the kind people who are giving you the chance you so deserve!

  2. Dr. Becky and staff of AHO what a wonderful gift you have given sweet Bernice, the gift of life! It had been a few weeks since her last update and I had been wondering how Bernice had been doing on her healing and knew that she had a few surgeries planned to help aid in her recovery. What wonderful progress she has made! Bernice what a beautiful girl you are and so lucky to be loved by all. Look forward to your updates!!! Angels… to watch over you… Prayers… for your recovery… Wishes… that you will always be loved and safe. Thank You, Dr. Becky and Staff of AHO you are Amazing for what you do!!

  3. Dr. Becky, you are an angel !!! Bernice looks so great and I’m sure she is showing her love for all your help ~ She deserves to be treated like a queen for the rest of her life ! Thanks for the updates ! LOL

  4. All of the staff members who have so faithfully loved, cared for, and encouraged Bernice have certainly earned a special place in heaven, only for those who truly give love to all creatures great and small.
    Bernice, you are such a shining example of SPIRIT and will to live. Healing prayers are sent for you, daily. May you be blessed with love and comfort for all of your days.

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