Before and After: Sinbad and the Not-So-Magic Carpet


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All photos: The Adventures of Sinbad the Cat.


When Sinbad’s rescuers were alerted to his plight and came to save him, a post on Chile Virtual’s Facebook page, described him as a “carpet that crawls.” The cat had been with an old man who was no longer able to care for him. A utility worker saw the cat in a basement and contacted the Anti-Cruelty Society who reached out the man who willingly gave up the 9-year old Persian.

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The shelter workers spent hours carefully working their way through 5+ pounds of fur to release the poor cat from his dirty, knotted, matted situation that had been accumulating for years.

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Colette Bradley told WGN, “He had very apparent matted hair hanging off of him. He couldn’t move very well. His back legs were just immobile basically. Persian cats need to be groomed and brushed regularly to keep the hair separated and from clumping up together so those mats get very tough and they’re very hard to comb out.”

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“We used electric razors to get as close as we could to his skin but it was hard to tell where the hair ended and his skin started so, umm, you know, just a lot of patience. It took several, several hours to work on him and to get that hair to start coming off.” At one point they even needed to use anesthesia.
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Elliot Serrano, Humane Education Manager at the Anti-Cruelty Society, was approached by staff to consider fostering Sinbad over the holidays. It was an instantaneous bond between the two and Elliot adopted him.
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Elliot shared Sinbad’s story and the world took notice. Now Sinbad is paying it forward by bringing attention to other rescue animals or those that need help. Follow him on his Facebook page, The Adventures of Sinbad the Cat.

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  1. You did a great job…I had tears in my eyes thinking about the misery of the poor chap…must spread the awareness that ppl shouldn’t do ds to their pets…instead hand over to the ones who can keep them in beter shapes and environments…

  2. There is no excuse for letting this poor cat get in this condition!!!! Age, money what ever!!!!! Just glad he finally got the help the poor little one needed!!

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