Bagel the Bengal

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photo set via Imgur. Slideshow with the images seen below.


Reddit user moi3ius recently shared a photo captioned¬† Bagel the bengal, destroyer of boxes, showing a friend’s cat looking out triumphantly from the chewed corner of a cardboard box. The photo got a lot of attention and led to a feature on Bagel’s ongoing fascination with boxes at the Huffington Post, along with requests at Reddit for more pics of Bagel.¬† In response, Moi3ius posted this beautiful set of photos with Bagel the Bengal cat as a kitten. Bagel is as photogenic as she is feisty.

Here’s the crazy image the started it all … .

Bagel the Bengal, destroyer of boxes
via Imgur


… and the innocent looking baby pics.

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