An At-Home Visit With Frank and Louie the Two Faced Janus Cat


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By Karen Harrison Binette

You may have seen this week that a two-faced or Janus cat had entered the Guinness Workd Records at 12 years old, for being the longest living cat of his kind. Frank and Louie’s condition is a birth abnormality, and most cats born that way do not live long.The record holding cat is doing well and living in the area near Worcester MA with his petmom Marty, who has a background in veterinary medicine. Marty was working at Tufts Veterinary Medical School when she got Frank and Louis, who was brought in at one day old to be euthanized.

As the local video news report below shows, he is a mostly normal, playful kitty. Thanks to Marty being the right person in the right place at the right time, he has had the opportunity to live a good life.

There is an Animal Planet feature from 2008 with Frank and Louie that we chose not to run because, in our opinion,  it tries to sensationalize the Janus condition as freakishness, and did not seem to treat this cat respectfully.

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  1. Hooray for Marty and people like her! I wonder if the person who brought the kitten in to be euthanized would have taken the same course had she bourne a child of her own with Janus.

  2. He is gorgeous & appears to be quite the entertainer !! And famous now to boot !! Here’s to another 12 wonderful years to you Frank & Louie ,,& your furever Mum!!

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