Almost Frozen to Death, Elsa is Rescued by a Good Samaritan

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By Adrea


Found a the front porch of a home in the dead of winter early last year, this kitten was so frozen that only a single paw was slightly twitching.

Named Elsa, a warm bath, rub dry with a towel, cuddling in a towel, and some food and water, about 6 hours later there were signs of improvement. You can hear in the voice of Elsa’s savior the relief and joy as the kitty grows stronger.

With the weather becoming colder, it is important to remember that our cats need to be warm and safe. Elsa’s history is not known, but, regardless of being a stray, lost, or thrown out, this kitten was close to death. Had it not been for a Good Samaritan, Elsa would have most likely died.


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