A Pizza Hut Run by Cats?

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Move over

Move over Pizza Rat. The latest, not-so-real-life competition is a funny pitch for Pizza Cat!, a Pizza Hut run by kitties. Apparently the idea of a Pizza Hut managed by cats who don’t give a darn about good service was so amusing that it’s making a come back in Japan.

The so-called Pizza Cat! restaurant is a wholly fake  store mismanaged by a team of cats, according to the report in Grub Street. It proved so popular in 2014 that its creators have revived it with this new video.

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“The all-feline staff excelled at looking cute, but were literally the worst at their jobs — they couldn’t clean, stay awake on the job, study sales reports without eating the desk plant, or deliver orders in anything resembling a timely manner,” according to the Grub Street report. Here’s a link to the video, which ends with a cat attacking a pile of coupons.

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Grub Street says that fans of Pizza Cat! should not expect to see any improvements in service, but the cats are still super spiffy in their red uniforms.

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