Who Gets Custody of This Cat?

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(Stephanie Wiebe/CBC News)

His real name is Paul Lexington, but his new owners dubbed him Wasabi. After going missing for a week, Paul will be reunited with his cat dad, and someone will collect a $5,000 reward for their trouble.

Paul belongs to Matt Morozoff of Calgary. The  tabby cat went missing on March 17 during a visit to the home of Matt’s fiancee. Matt posted a missing cat notice on Kijiji. To prove he was serious, he  offered $5,000 for the return of his cat, Paul Lexington.

The ad went viral, and by March 27, the Calgary Humane Society revealed that the lost cat had been found and adopted. Luckily for Matt, the new owners agreed to return Paul, whom they had named Wasabi.

According to the CBC, the family who returned Paul will be allowed to claim the reward. If there had been a conflict about who had custody of Paul, the adopters would have been within their rights to keep him, according to Sage Pullen McIntosh, manager of community outreach with the Calgary Humane Society.

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(Calgary Humane Society)

 Matt visited the Humane Society on Sunday, March 25, and learned a new family had adopted his cat. It’s not known if the reward played any part in their decision to return Paul, a farm cat was not microchipped.

“We were shocked that the process was that quick,” said Susan Abdallah, Matt’s fiancée, who spoke to  CBC News. Susan and Matt had searched all of the online pet pages looking for him before they heard from the local Humane Society. Paul will soon go back home to a family that includes another cat and three dogs.


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