Braveheart the Kitten is Rescued and Given a Prosthetic Leg

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Braveheart was abandoned by his Mama, with his umbilical cord wrapped around his back paws. Almost Home Adoptions rescued him, along with his sister, and fitted him with a new leg.

Braveheart and his sister Isabella are thought to have been abandoned by their Mama as newborns when they became tangled in a thorny bush. A good Samaritan noticed the kittens and brought them to Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats, in Westminster, Colorado. The shelter is doing everything they can to help the injured kitten, and are sparing no expense to that end.

Braveheart had to have his back paws amputated due to the damage caused by the cord, but Isabella was unaffected and is fine. Braveheart was fitted with the first of two prosthetic legs earlier this week, and he is adapting well.

Chris Cline, seen the the video below, is fostering Braveheart and Isabella. The two kittens are utterly sweet and are devoted to one another. Thanks to everyone involved the two have already had their lives saved and they will no doubt know lifetimes of good, loving care.


According to their stated mission at Facebook: Almost Home Adoptions is dedicated to finding loving responsible homes for rescued, homeless and abused animals. Excellent care and shelter will be provided for all animals received.
Almost Home Adoptions will promote spaying and neutering, vaccinations, counseling and education throughout the community and nationwide.

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