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By Karen Harrison Binette



RSPCA South Australia CEO Tim Vasudeva contacted us this week to share news of a wonderful initiative meant to help mama cats find homes and keep little cat families together. The initiative is being launched during kitten season, as Australia enjoys their springtime and heads toward the summer season.

Tim said on Tuesday: Today we have launched a very special cat adoption initiative called No Mum Left Behind. The idea is to keep the special bond intact between mama cats and their babies.

RSPCA South Australia explains their reasons for the campaign and tells how it works:

[We are] launching our No Mum Left Behind adoption campaign – an innovative initiative to help adopters find their perfect cat and kitten family. We want to keep the special bond between mum and her bubs intact – which is why this kitten season anyone who adopts a kitten from us will also have the opportunity to adopt mum, for free!

Please share this message as widely as possible, including with anyone you know who may be considering adopting a kitten or cat – we would really appreciate your support in helping us create as many happy families as possible!

Every kitten season we see so many mum cats who have given everything of themselves to care for and raise their babies, often risking their own health for the love of their kittens. Our extensive foster care program was created to ensure they are provided with a loving home environment to enable mum to raise her babies safely. Sadly, once they are old enough to be desexed and rehomed, this bond between mum and kittens is regularly broken as (one by one) her kittens are adopted to loving new families, often leaving mum behind.

Pairs of cats are wonderful combinations – as anyone who lives with a bonded pair can tell you. A bonded pair will be more settled in a home environment as they have a playmate to keep them company and amused when you’re not at home. It’s also much easier for all members of a cat-owning family to get their share of kitty attention when there is more than one to go around! When you adopt the baby, you get the babysitter free!

But it is the bond between mother and child which makes an adopted mum and bub a very special combination, and we know they will have an amazing relationship for life if we can keep them together. We do hope you will join us in helping make this kitten season a successful one for our cats and kittens in need, not just for the tiny ones but also for their doting mamas.

All RSPCA South Australia cats and kittens are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet-checked and come with a 14 day health guarantee. Adoption fees are $130 for kittens, and if mum is available she is free to go home with her kitten.


Below are photos of some of the beautiful mama cats and their kittens available from the RSPCA South Australia.

To see more little families and to read their descriptions, see the No Mum Left Behind: mums and bubs photo album at Facebook, which showcases some mums and their babies available for adoptions through the organization’s foster to adopt program.

You can visit and follow RSPCA South Australia at Facebook.















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  1. Excellent Idea. I have a mum & baby as well as 3 sets of two siblings! We love it. Did anyone notice that one of the mum’s seems to have a red-headed stepchild in there… baby duckling?

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