Harrisonburg Police Officer Found Guilty in Cat Beating Case


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By Karen Harrison Binette

The Harrisonburg VA officer charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after he beat an injured cat to death with his nightstick at a resident’s doorstep was found guilty this week.

Officer Jonathan Snoddy responded to a call about a distressed, injured cat and then beat the cat to death with his nightstick to put it out of its misery, as it lay upon a large rock at the homeowner’s doorstep. The homeowner was traumatized by the experience and the incident received widespread publicity. Officer Snoddy’s attorney says they plan to appeal the conviction. The court ordered Snoddy to pay a $50 fine.The police department declined to say whether the officer will retain his employment. He has been on paid leave.

The police department has instructed officers on proper euthanasia practices since the highly publicized incident.

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7 thoughts on “Harrisonburg Police Officer Found Guilty in Cat Beating Case”

  1. This cop needs to have someone beat him with a nightstick, once again it shows just how out of control they really are. Got a badge, well than your above the law. He needs to be fined more than $50.00. If I was the judge I would have found him guilty and fined him $1000.00 and made him do community service at an animal shelter. Sick,Sick Sick.

  2. Merciless, evil, sadistic action on part of this police officer. He is not fit to serve & should be heavily fined & fired.

  3. Misdemeander animal cruelty? That’s the best they could do? He deserves to be beaten senseless and fired. Then make it so he can’t work with the public in any capacity for the rest of his useless life.

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