27 year old cat Tuppence may be world’s oldest living cat

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By Karen Harrison Binette




A woman from Keyham, Plymouth, UK claims she owns the world’s oldest cat – a 27-year-old one-eyed kitty who has had more than her share of mishaps in her long lifetime.

Earlier this week The Herald/Is This Plymouth asked readers if Little Gigi, a cat approaching the age of 22, was the oldest cat in Plymouth.

Pam Dillon, 55, came forward, saying her cat Tuppence is 27 and ” was born in about 1987,” as the Herald puts it. Tuppence only has half a tail after one of her many road accidents – including one last year when she broke her back legs. Pam also claims Tuppence has been hit by cars a whopping and incredible 25 times.  She lost an eye in an incident with a dog two years ago.

The long-lived cat was rescued from a rough life on the docks as a kitten by Pam’s brother Clive, who found her while working at the Devonport dockyard in 1987. Tuppence lived with Pam’s father Raymond until he passed away at 82 in February, 2014. Pam, who lives alone  with her pets, took guardianship of Tuppence after her father’s passing.

“Tuppence was just a kitten,” [when rescued by Clive] she said.

“She was a dockyard moggy and when she turned up she was shabby and mucky as she had been out in the rain.

“None of us expected he would still be here 27 years later. I am amazed to discover she might be the oldest in the world. It is lovely.

“She is just brilliant – she sleeps a lot now and can’t run, so I keep her away from the road.

“Even though I only got her when my father died, she has always been part of the family and I love her.

“I also have two German Shepherds who she loves and is very protective of and another cat Tigger, who is 22.”

Tuppence celebrated her 27th birthday on December 21, 2014 with a small party and a few extra treats.

Tuppence’s string of mishaps all occurred before she lived with Pam. She now spends her days mostly hanging around inside.

Tuppence, whose age has not been independently verified as far as we know, is thinner now than she was in her prime, and spends a lot more time laying around the house sleeping, but is, according to her petmom, in good health.

“We had another cat in the family who lived to 22,” Pam told The Herald.

“I give her oil and garlic tablets but really Tuppence is just lucky to be alive.”

Guinness World Records currently lists the oldest living cat, according to their records, as 26 year old Tiffany Two, from California.

SWNS visited Pam for this video feature on Tuppence:


Tuppence in her younger days
Tuppence in her younger days


Tuppence, old and worse for wear, but still handsome
Tuppence, old and worse for wear, but still handsome

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