20 Year Old Tiana Dumped: Shelter Gives Her Priority And She Is Rescued


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By Karen Harrison Binette

We set out today to share Tiana’s story of being left at the shelter by her family as an elder cat, because she had become an inconvenience, and of the Pennsylvania SPCA’s ACCT’s (Animal Care and Control Team) efforts to place her. Thanks to the success of those efforts, Tiana was taken by a rescue today and we are assured that she is, in the words of Erin, who has helped with Tiana’s case, “safe and sound”. Tiana is available for adoption from the rescue. Anyone interested in giving this deserving senior girl the home she deserves can email us or Erin and your interest will be forwarded to the rescuer.

Tiana was the beneficiary of two great programs at ACCT, and some exposure from an article in the Philadelphia Examiner.

This was Tiana’s bio, written before today’s happy development and posted online by ACCT’s Cat Behavior Team (CBT) on Wednesday 9/20 and at Craigslist on Friday 9/23:

Meet Tiana, the golden girl of ACCT! Instead of retiring to sunny Florida, 20-year-old Tiana is stuck living in the shelter, surrendered by her family of over 15 years. Tiana is reported to be a quiet, well-mannered girl who always used the litter box. But recently Tiana began having occasional litter box accidents. Instead of taking her to the vet, or adding a couple more litter boxes around the house, Tiana’s owners left her at the shelter, after 15 years of companionship. But Tiana isn’t feeling sorry for herself, that’s not her style. This spunky girl is making the best of things and just knows her new family will walk through the doors someday soon. Tiana has really enjoyed the food served at the shelter, and has a great appetite. She hasn’t had any problem using the litter box while at the shelter. Tiana is a social girl who loves to be involved in everything you’re doing. She sits right up front in her cage, checking out the action around her. Tiana especially loves having visits from volunteers and the shelter staff. She leans right in to have her head rubbed , and loves being petted. Her former owners also noted that Tiana loves to be with people, likes everyone she meets, and likes to be held. And don’t let her senior status fool you-Tiana still enjoys playing with her toys, especially hunting her toy mice. This sweet, loving girl deserves a true forever home where she can live out the rest of her years as a spoiled senior.

The two ACCT programs that helped Tiana are the CBT (Cat Behavior Team) and the Kneady Cats! CBT helps to socialize cats and to deal with behavioral issues or characteristice that may make it difficult for them to find homes or to stay in their existing homes. Kneady Cats! gives priority and extra attention to special cases. These two great efforts helped Tiana as they will continue to help other cats in the future.

Below are their descriptions as stated by ACCT.

Cat Behavior Team (CBT)

The Cat Behavior Team is a group of dedicated volunteers at the PSPCA’s Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) in Philadelphia, PA. The CBT helps Philadelphia’s cats in and out of the shelter. The CBT socializes the cats in the shelter that haven’t adjusted well to their situation here. These are the cats that are hissy and growly, they don’t like to be touched or held, some don’t even like it if you walk past them. The team visits these special cats regularly with the goal of them being able to comfortably come to the front of the kennels to greet potential adopters and get them accustomed to being touched and held. In addition, the CBT helps to keep cats that have been adopted from the shelter (or any shelter) from coming in or back to the shelter by helping with the common behavior problems that often land them in a shelter in the first place. The CBT can be contacted to help with a variety of cat behavior issues such as, litter box aversion, spraying, destructive behavior, aggression to other pets and people and many more.  CBT can be reached at: [email protected].

Kneady Cats!

The Philadelphia Animal Care and Control (ACCT) shelter has a number of animals who have been waiting longer than others for an adoptive home and are just in need of a little extra help. Some may even have a kitty cold, have special needs or just dont look so great after being on the streets and need some help finding their forever home. These cats are smart, loving adoptable animals that just need some extra attention and socialization to be confident, loving pets. The Kneady Cat Program aims to prioritize these animals’ adoptions, allows them extra marketing from the shelter, and allows adopters to work one-on-one with the person who knows the cat on a personal level! Dedicated volunteers have paired up with these special animals to provide special one-on-one socialization and enrichment through socialization and behavior assistance.

Anyone in a position to adopt Tiana can email us via the Contact Us button at the top of this page, or can email Erin directly at [email protected]. Serious adoption inquiries by good candidates will be forwarded to the appropriate persons.

We are pleased to see this dear old girl out of the shelter, but would love to learn before long that she has gone to a good and loving home.

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5 thoughts on “20 Year Old Tiana Dumped: Shelter Gives Her Priority And She Is Rescued”

  1. Tiana is so beautiful! I wish I was close enough to take her, but I’m several states away from Pennsylvania. I’m praying that she finds a loving home soon. After the way she was dumped, she deserves it. Actually ALL animals deserve love and attention. I hope this family doesn’t have parents or children who, at some point, become inconvenient!! Praying for you, Tiana!! <3 <3 <3

  2. I saw Tianas story in the Philly Examiner and it has worried me ever since.I am so glad to hear that she is now in a place that will find her the loving owners that she so deserves.I couldnt stop thinking about her,she must have been wondering where her owners had gone and why she was put in such a strange place,how could anyone have a pet that long then just discard them like they never even cared about them or their welfare???She deserves sooo much better in her senior years,she is such a sweetie,i just hope that some loving people will adopt her soon.Please keep updates on her as i desperately want to see a happy ending for this beautiful girl.

  3. I lost my old boy in 2008. When, in his final months, he started going in inappropriate places (actually, in the room he took to hanging out in, and yes, there was a box for him there) I took the position that he had been a good boy who had never had an accident over the course of many years, and it was my duty to cut him some slack. I just cleaned it up, knowing his time with us was growing short. I threw out some damaged household items, with little regret; I felt I owed it to the dear old boy.
    I really cannot imagine giving him the boot over it.

  4. I am sorry I just do not understand how people can just give away their cats like they are cockroaches.these are their children. will they like it if their family throws them out of the house when they have to start using depends? I find stuff like this sickening. my cats are not just my animals I feed they are also my children..when I moved back tot he states from brasil I found a loving woman who is taking care of my cats til I return. throwing them out or surrendering them to some unknown for me is unthinkable! I wonder how people sleep at night.

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