Missing cat is found at charity shop where petmom donated couch

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photo via Our Towns Habitat ReStore at Facebook


Panther’s petmom is relieved and overjoyed to have him back a month after he disappeared when she donated a couch to charity.

Mooresville, North Carolina resident Sara Danckaert noticed that Panther was missing a few hours after she’d given an old couch to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore charity resale shop and they’d picked it up at her home, on March 21.

She did everything to try to find her beloved cat – calling the store, conducting a search, contacting the Humane Society and area shelters, and posting on social media.

A month after he’d gone missing, Sara got a call from the store saying Panther had turned up.

Following a tearful reunion, Panther is back at home.

“I had hoped he was alive,” Sara told WCNC for their report on the story.

“I didn’t know where he was at.”

Sara left a frantic voicemail with the store when she noticed Panther was gone.

“He is all black… his name is Panther,” she said in her message. “If you have any information… thank you.”

ReStore staffer Jeremiah Arnette took Sara’s call and spoke with WCNC for their story: “She was really upset,” he recalled. “She said, ‘I think my cat is in the couch — could you look for him?'”

Jeremiah and the other workers at the store looked for Panther for days but didn’t find him. Finally, on Saturday, April 25, the missing cat turned up when some furniture was being moved around at the store.

“We were moving furniture around,” Jeremiah told WCNC, “and the cat ran out.”

Jeremiah called Sara, and she came to the store and set a trap. Sunday morning, Panther was safely caught in the trap and finally able to go home.

Sara cried as she hugged her much loved and greatly missed little companion when she removed him from the trap.

“Yes he’s a little lighter than he was, but he’s still as affectionate,” she said. “I can feel him purring, and he’s already giving kisses again.”

A small cat to begin with, Panther lost some weight during the month he was missing.

“I’m so happy to have him home,” Sara said. “He’s a family member and anybody who’s ever lost an animal knows how this feels.”

Watch the WCNC report on the story:


Photo via Our Towns Habitat ReStore at Facebook


Photo via Our Towns Habitat ReStore at Facebook


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