Understanding and Help for House Soiling Behavior in Cats

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Understanding cat house-soiling behavior

This video from Cats Protection UK explains the differences between toileting and marking behaviors in cats and gives an insight into why these may occur inside a house or a pen. Using two examples of cats that are house-soiling, the video works through the possible causes and looks at ways in which they can be changed.

Dr. Rachel Casey works with the two cats’ guardians to understand the pets’ problem behavior and propose simple solutions. In the first household, the cats are urine spraying small spots on surfaces as marking behavior. In the second home, kitty is urinating in large puddles in certain spots on the carpet and floor.

Dr. Casey is a Cats Protection lecturer in feline behavior and welfare. She is a Diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals), a RCVS recognised specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine and a certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist.





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  1. Plse help. My 1 cat, male 12 mths old,very happy but a real fussy eater. He nibbles on pellets and have tried all brands and flavors, today he will eat a tin of food tomorrow he refuses the same. I know I spoiled him. 1 month ago we got a kitten app 3 months and also male. He is super cute but not loveable, think he was mistreated but he is getting much better. He has now taken to soiling a certain spot with poo. I clean and spray special spray called stay off but it does not seem to work. He has a litter box at night as we have a large garden and he uses tbe garden at day, there is also windows open 24/7 which he uses to get in and out the house. So strange that he now soils tbe house after he was perfect to do his buss outside for the ladt mknth. Both cats get on perfectly. Help plse

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