Refugee woman saves more than 40 cats from Ukrainian conflict zone

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By Karen Harrison Binette



Ukrainian Cats Rescued from Conflict Zone: Refugee woman saves over 40 cats from war-torn Donbas

A Ukrainian woman paid a large sum of money to transport more than 40 cats to safety from danger and deprivation in the war torn conflict zone.

Saved from shelling and hunger, the cats have been rescued from Ukraine’s eastern regions currently occupied by Russian-backed militants.

Their saviour: Valentyna Prokopchyk, who collected 46 cats from the streets of the occupied Luhansk region and brought them to a village near the capital, Kiev.

To transport the abandoned felines from the eastern region, Valentyna paid a driver 7,000 Hryvnia, nearly double the average Ukrainian monthly salary. After she had collected a few cats while still in the conflict zone, others started to come to her on their own.


Ukraine Today tells the story in this English language voiceover video:

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