Reader Stories: Cassie the Calico Kitten

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Baby Cassie


Tina Blundetto shares the story of the young kitten who needed her and who reminded her of a cat dear to her heart. Cassie came into Tina’s life through one of life’s little unforeseen meetings, as Tina was planning her wedding. Cassie is now a happy four year old girl.

Tina writes:

My husband and I celebrated our three year anniversary this past October. When we were planning the wedding, our venue had a list of suggestions for photographers, DJs and reverends. The first reverend I contacted was busy, the second is the woman who ended up marrying us. We drove about an hour to see her and talk with her about ourselves and what we would like in our ceremony.

At the time, we had two cats that we adopted 4 days before we moved in with each other. They were from the same litter and were about 1 at this time. Those two cats were chosen separately by us as we lived on opposite ends of the vet. The cats we ended up picking for ourselves adopted the opposite person!

Anyway, after speaking with the reverend for a few hours and expressing how much we loved our current cats, she asked us if we wanted to see some kittens. Her daughter’s husband cleaned a home where the owners had taken the mother but abandoned her three kittens. They were bottle feeding two week old kittens because their mother was gone.

At the time, I was in search of a calico like the family cat from when I was younger, but I made sure she didn’t have a black, brown and white mix before seeing them, and the reverend assured me that two were orange tabbies and one was gray, white and brown.

Well, when we saw the three kittens the one kitten turned out to be a calico and it brought tears to my eyes. I definitely wanted this kitten but I knew we couldn’t have a third because we were renting. Although, because I had worked at a vet the reverend and her daughter said we could take her, maybe sooner since I knew what she needed.

As we left from speaking with the reverend, my husband and I stopped down the road, looked at each other and he said to me, “are you sure you don’t want her…I don’t mind.”


As soon as we got back to our apartment, we asked our landlord if we could have her and called the reverend and told her we wanted the kitten. We picked up everything we needed and picked up the kitten, who we named Cassie, a few days later. Our two year old cats actually acted like parents to her, watching over her and never once bothered her, as a baby. I bottle fed her for a few weeks and she was absolutely adorable.

Currently, Cassie likes to spend her days lounging on my loveseat, jumping up into the window and chattering, or getting on top of my kitchen cabinets to watch her slaves, I mean humans, work for her.

Unfortunately, last January, I lost one of our three cats. His death was sudden and the vet could not tell us what happened. I was absolutely devastated. Little did I know…two weeks later, I found out i was pregnant.

And as of October, Cassie has a new little sister to take care of, a little human. The crying may confuse her now, but I’m pretty sure Cassie will be a great big sister.
Cassie, now 4, was adopted at 3 weeks and had to be bottle fed. This is a short clip of her drinking her formula.

All grown up.



Happy girl


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