Ralphee and Max: Disabled CH Kitten is Befriended by Dog


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By Karen Harrison Binette


Ralphee the kitten and Max the Australian cattle dog are an odd couple who seem besotted with each other’s company after they were introduced following Ralphee’s rescue from a barn at a horse stable in Australia.

Ralphee’s condition is a neurological disorder known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. A kitten is born with “CH” when their cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination, is underdeveloped at birth.

These cats are known for their “drunken sailor” walk, which is why they’re known endearingly as “wobbly cats.”

Unless a CH cat has other health issues, their life expectancy is the same as a cat’s without CH. Since the condition is non-progressive, it will never get worse — and in some cases, owners say that their cats become more capable over time.

Ever since Ralphee was brought home, Max is never far away. He appears to be forever curious and watches over Ralphee wherever she goes. Ralphee is growing more mischievous by the day and loves to see what Max is doing as well. She will often get excited when he is nearby and leap in the air before playfully charging in his direction.

Despite her condition, Ralphee is a happy cat who, like most kittens loves affection and causing all sorts of trouble wherever she goes.

For more info on feline cerebellar hypoplasia, visit the What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia? page at the wonderful site, Life with CH Cats.

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  1. Aww, XD it’s so cute to see them get along so well. Max looks so happy and proud of his little kitty buddy.

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