Neighbors Upset as Cat Eating Butcher Goes Free

In a justice system outcome as shocking as Jason Wilmert’s depraved behavior, the Kern County, CA court accepted a misdemeanor plea on eating domestic animals, and dropped animal cruelty charges against the man witnessed skinning and decapitating a live cat in his backyard.

You may have seen the story of Jason Wilmert, who was arrested on February 3. The details of the case came out in recent days and the story made international headlines. To recap in brief, Jason Wilmert, of Oildale, California, near Bakersfield,  was observed as he stood in his backyard skinning a cat alive before cutting off its head. The neighbor who witnessed the incident reported it to the sheriff’s department. The incident report confirms the neighbor’s story, saying “The deputy then walked to the rear yard of the residence down the driveway and observed what appeared to be the decapitated head of a cat lying on the grass in the back yard … Deputies searched the home and located the carcass of the dead cat.” The cat was laying in the kitchen sink. Officers at the scene told neighbors that they had seen evidence to confirm that Wilmert was eating animals.He was arrested on suspicion of “possessing the carcass of a pet for food.” He was charged with two misdemeanors: using domestic animals for food, and animal abuse.

Neighbors later told the news crews that descended on their town of  missing pets and of instances of Wilmert’s peculiar behavior. His frequently mentioned burning sessions in the back yard now have area residents wondering just what he was burning. Bags seen hanging in the yard with what appeared to be sticks in them are now thought to have contained bones.

When Wilmert appeared in Kern County court for a pretrial hearing yesterday he made a plea agreement with the court that settled the case against him. The animal abuse charge was dropped and he pled guilty to possession of domestic animals to be used as food. Deputy District Attorney Tiffany Hadalgo downplayed public reaction to the case by attributing it to people’s fondness for their pets, and said, ““I think, in light of the defendant’s criminal history, and the actions, and this charge, it was a fair resolution.” The judge banned cameras from the courtroom, saying she wanted to protect Wilmert.

Wilmert was sentenced to 30 days in jail, with credit for 30 days, even though he was arrested on February 3. He is out of jail.  He also got 3 years of probation, during which time he is banned from owning domestic animals, and he was told to attend counseling at the county mental health department. Old charges against him were also dropped.

Kern County chose to brush aside the fact that they had both eyewitness and physical evidence that Wilmert  tormented a living creature by skinning and decapitating it while it was still alive, in broad daylight in his back yard. It is believed that this was just one incidence of a pattern of behavior. Wilmert will not be called to account for the utter depravity of his actions and total lack of compassion for the suffering of living creatures.

We were told by an area resident involved with cat rescue that Wilmert’s neighbors are upset and do not want him returning to their neighborhood. Diane Headly is one neighbor who spoke to a news crew on the record, saying, “It’s sickening. I have my kitty right there. I’ve got my cats that run out. I fear for my animals all over again. It’s just disturbing.” Other neighbors reported being afraid of him in the past, and say they are more fearful now. The danger for animals goes beyond neighborhood pets; Kern county is known to have a serious problem with dumped and abandoned cats and dogs, so someone out to do them harm can easily find helpless strays.

We were very pleased to see Bakersfield Cat People rescue group president Barbara Hays speaking out with the voice of common sense. Barbara says she is horrifed by the case and acknowledged that cats around Wilmert will not be safe, saying, “That sounds good, but it doesn’t happen. There will be cats around this man’s house if he returns to the same neighborhood. He’ll find a way, it’ll happen again.”  Barbara also noted to abundance of homeless cats in the area.

Anyone not already familiar with Jason Wilmert is unlikely to recognize him on sight. There are no photos or video of him associated with the case and the widespread coverage it has received.

The video segment covers the case settlement and includes remarks by Barbara Hays and neighbors.


20 thoughts on “Neighbors Upset as Cat Eating Butcher Goes Free”

  1. This is a DANGEROUS person. I think that Jason Wilmert should be allowed to live Tiffany and then the judge while he gets his counseling. I hope that they have nightmares. There is a special place in Hell for that abuser. The jugde and Tiffany Hadalgo are enablers and they should never find a days peace for they have allowed to happen. All three of them are sick!

  2. I don’t care what the guy’s “problems” are, or what his petty excuses are. There is NO excuse to harm anybody’s children OR pets. This is a sadistic and twisted individual and he needs to be locked up, preferably for life. If it was humans he was eating, this wouldn’t even be up for debate. That man needs to be behind bars. Not to sound cruel, but if that were my pets, I’d have attacked the jerk-off myself. I’d rather end up in jail to save everyone’s pets from being mutilated and eaten than live knowing if your pet goes missing it could be in a murderer’s hands, and that people think that’s ok????!!!! And we call ourselves a “humane” society. I think someone should put human back in humane and realize if we are really above this, then something should be done about scum like him. Lock him up and throw away the key. End of story.

  3. What would happen if the neighborhood decides to take matters into their own hands if the “Justice System” can’t do their jobs. This man should be very afraid and have to live life looking over his shoulder wondering if this is the day that justice is served. Maybe there is a law in the area that allows the public to file complaints against a dangerous individual and have them commited for “the public good”. Talk to your local legislators and let them know how you feel. Remind them that you, the public, were the ones that put them into office and you want something done to insure the safety and peace of mind of the people they were elected to represent. And if they weren’t elected, they were hired, and YOUR TAX MONEY is paying their salaries! Put the pressure on the local officials and law enforcement and don’t let up until a menace like this is removed. Right now, for all you know, it has only been helpless animals. How long will it be before he moves on to children and adults? Wake up those of you in authority! How would you feel if it were someone you loved? I’m just glad that I don’t live in California!

  4. Just think, if I could make a great big batch of cat food out of this man, the DA, and the judge, I could feed a whole bunch of DESERVING cats!

  5. This man is a psycho and needs to be locked away in a mental institution for a very long time (if it was up to me he would get the death penalty)

  6. Please contact me regarding signing a petition about the cat eater. The so-called sentence is outrageous and I believe there in something other they have ignored in this sentencing.

  7. And this happens in our country and this man gets away with it? Oh that’s right it’s California, Where laws are much like in Mexico. Someone here in Kansas would go to a mental institution for sure. They don’t play around here with these kind of wacky people like that. We have federal laws against injury to a dog, what about a cat? He should be charged with a felony and put in hospital for many many years if not for life or prison one of the two and he just better be glad he isn’t my neighbor.

  8. I should add that if I ever caught someone doing something like this to ANY animal, I would drop them where they stood.

  9. Yes, this is sick and the man needs to pay but what is horrible is that every year TENS of THOUSANDS of cats and dogs suffer the same fate in China, Japan and several other countries and the Leaders ALLOW it to happen. There are videos of the Chinese Fur Farms on if you can stomach it.

  10. There is NOTHING MORE disgusting to read or to hear about torture, or even worst – butchering, little innocent creatures, let it be cat, dog or other people’s pets. How people like him walk the Earth without receiving deserved punishment? Put him to jail! I am sure that some prisoners have bigger heart concerning animals, and will teach him WHAT he supposed to eat. SHAME! Prosecutor and insensitive judge are disgusting beyond words. They are as guilty as that sick “human being”.

  11. What on earth do you expect from one of the most liberal states in the USA? Anything and everything is excused.

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