Miracle, Kitten from Microwave Video, Has a Home


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By Karen Harrison Binette



The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland announced today that Miracle, the kitten who became the object of worldwide interest and concern after she was placed in a microwave oven by two teen-aged South Portland, ME girls in September, was adopted and went to her new home.

Miracle was used by the girls in the making of a sickening 6 second Vine video that was posted to Twitter. She is placed in the microwave in the first part of the video. In the second part of the video, after a cut, she is seen going around and then exiting the microwave in distress as the door is opened for her by the second of the two girls.

The kitten was thankfully unharmed by the experience, which could have killed her had it gone on long enough. Her family gave her up to the shelter, where she was determined to be underweight and loaded with fleas.  She initially struggled to maintain her body temperature and her body had trouble absorbing nutrients. Shelter staff said the 8 week old kitten had probably been taken away from her mother too soon.

See our stories from September 9 and 10 for more on Miracle and the incident: Teen Girls Charged, Kitten Safe After Microwave Vine Video is Reported to Police and Miracle Update: Maine Microwave Kitten Doing Well and Getting Worldwide Support.

Mary Byram of Scarborough was the winner of a lottery to adopt Miracle.  “It was unreal. I just was so excited,” she said about the experience when received the good news on Thursday.

The shelter received hundreds of offers to adopt Miracle from animal lovers across the US and across the world, and saw a welcome increase in adoptions.

Miracle’s adopter Mary Byram said, “People need to recognize that animals are creatures worth respecting and loving.”

Byram is retired, and will be able to devote a lot of time to the kitten.


Channel 6 news reported on the story. Watch the video:






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6 thoughts on “Miracle, Kitten from Microwave Video, Has a Home”

  1. What kind of punishment theyse creepy and foolish teens had??? I would like to make a microwave with an hole and put they’re head into!!!!Just for …fun and do a video with….:(

  2. I read about the terrible thing the girls did to Miracle, and I hope they receive the maximum punishment allowed for animal cruelty (even though the animal cruelty laws are so lax). I am so happy Miracle had found a loving home and will spend her life full of love and care. I would like to know what did happen to the monster girls who did this to her.

  3. My eyes are filled with tears as I am typing this. I gratful she’s ok and will live out her days in a loving home. I can’t understand how anyone could harm a baby animal so viciously.

  4. It is sickening that two “juveniles” were let off so lightly. Yet even adults do. If I were in power, it would be very very different! If I was feeling kind, I would let such teens doing such a vile thing have a long prison sentence instead which would be many decades in a very tough prison! I am only relieved that Miracle, bless her, has a new life now and survived these evil creatures…

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