Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat!

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Van Gogh, with one of her paintings. Photo: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.


Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat who could become a best-selling artist!

Her caregivers at the Mayhew Animal Home in London, UK took to Facebook Tuesday, writing about the very special cat:

“The post-impressionist moggy was rescued by The Mayhew in January, and has bewitched staff with her artistic talent – just like her namesake.

“Van Gogh creates her own takes on the famous Sunflowers and Starry Nights, but to protect her delicate paws she uses fruit juice to make her drawings.

“Chief vet Ursula Goetz, said: “We had to perform delicate surgery on Van Gogh after she came in with part of her ear missing and a nasty flea allergy.

“”None of this has any impact on her amazing character. We will always rehome animals with special needs and spend however much money it takes to get them a better quality of life.””

According to a February 9 blog post at Mayhew’s website on some special needs pets now in residence: “Van Gogh’s speciality is dialling random people at 3 am and trying to have a chat from the animal welfare officers’ room.”  Van Gogh had presumably not demonstrated her artistic talents yet.

A spokeswoman for Mayhew spoke about Van Gogh with The Telegraph, saying: “She came in with one part of an ear missing and a distressing flea allergy.

“We found out a past surgery on her had not been performed that well. The ear was still producing infections.

“The vet staff here removed the whole of the ear and performed corrective surgery to fix the problem.

“We, of course, gave her the name Van Gogh because of her one ear and when we noticed her mucky paw prints seemed to make a pattern.”

“Van Gogh uses fruit juice to create her art, so I guess you could say she’s going through her orange period as an artist.

“Since Van Gogh’s been here she’s been showing a variety talents, actually. She has managed to make some phone calls because she drapes herself on the handset.

“These pets that we call special show an incredible strength and resilience and in that way deserve a home more.”

Chief vet Ursula Goetz added: “She kept scratching at her ear and when we investigated we found only half the canal was removed and it was badly infected.

“We removed it all and she is recovering in the animal welfare officers’ room at The Mayhew.

“She’s a very special cat who is hugely affectionate and will make a lovely pet for someone. She loves to be cuddled all day long.”

Van Gogh is not yet ready for adoption. She will continue to delight her caregivers until she is fully ready to be rehomed.

The Telegraph story says Van Gogh’s paintings are being sold to raise money for Mayhew Animal Home to help other cats



Screen grab image from London Live feature report on special animals at Mayhew Animal Home


Photo via Mayhew Animal Home at Facebook


Photo via Mayhew Animal Home at Facebook


Photo: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.

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