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By Karen Harrison Binette

Corky, the special needs cat from CATS Cradle Shelter, was finally released from the hospital yesterday following the leg amputation that resolved complications from a remarkable earlier surgery to fix his backwards facing, twisted legs.

Corky first gained a following of friends and supporters in Fargo, ND, where CATS Cradle is located, and on Facebook, where his story became known shortly after he was found as a crippled stray and CATS Cradle saved him from certain euthanization. After a remarkable custom surgery performed by Dr. Burchill of Casselton Veterinary Service that completely reoriented his legs, Corky’s fame spread ever wider until it reached major mainstream news outlets in the US and internationally.

Corky quickly learned how to walk on all fours, but continuing complications kept him in the hospital and eventually required amputation of much of his left hind leg. Now, just days after his amputation, Corky is walking – even climbing stairs – and he is more comfortable and truly on the mend. Yesterday, 25 days after his initial surgery, Corky was released from the hospital to his family at CATS Cradle. Corky will remain a part of the CATS Cradle family, and it is hoped that he can become a therapy cat to comfort and inspire people facing challenges similar to his.

Gail Ventzke chose the occasion of Corky’s release from the hospital to speak at the Corky Facebook page, answering a frequently asked question and reminding us all that spay/neuter can spare cats many forms of suffering, including the form of birth defect that almost cost Corky his young life.
Gail says, in part, “Some kittens are born with crooked legs due to large litters and lack of space in the womb. Corky however, was born this way due to a GENETIC problem which suggests irresponsible breeding. His mother was likely allowed to have litter after litter and may very well have been breeding with her own offspring. The cold hard truth of the matter is the reason you do not see a lot of these cats is because so many of these kittens are euthanized at birth. … The fact that Corky was found dragging himself down a sidewalk on Main Avenue in Moorhead also suggests neglect. He was left outside to fend for himself while in a highly vulnerable state, defenseless to predators. He clearly could not have “escaped” his home, he had to have been abandoned or thrown out. The fact that this cat was outside unsupervised for even one minute makes my heart ache but, no more worries Corky, you are now safe, and will never be alone, afraid, defenseless, or vulnerable again.”

Videos below show the latest local news report on Corky, and two videos of him made by CATS Cradle after his amputation surgery. Corkly will continue to receive physical therapy, along with loving care, and both the medical canter staff and his family of caregivers feel that he will do well going forward.

The donation ChipIn is still open. The widget link can be found at the CATS Cradle Shelter website.

If you would like to help Corky in the Spring Fling photo contest, where he is entered in a contest to win $2,000 for the shelter of the winner’s choice, click HERE to vote.

KVLY news update from 4/30:

Corky going up a stair 41 hours after his amputation surgery.

Corky the Cradle Cat headbutts and purrs … “Less than 24 hours after his amputation Corky is a happy boy, the troublesome leg is gone and it is like a weight has been lifted. He is doing much better now.”

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  1. Get to walking soon Corky. You are doing great. God bless you and all those who helped you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Know that you are loved by many people. Good luck! I hope you have a great home and a great life. Thank you to all the people who helped.

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