“Brotherly Love” with Cole & Marmalade


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Cole & Marmalade are a purr-fect match! … Kitty love is a beautiful thing, as we see in this sweet compilation of clips with Cole and Marm showing their love for each other.

Video by Chris Poole (click HERE for his Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel). For more wonderful videos by Chris at our site, click HERE.

You can follow Cole the Black Cat and Marmalade at their page on Facebook, Cole & Marmalade.


“Brotherly Love” with Cole & Marmalade

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3 thoughts on ““Brotherly Love” with Cole & Marmalade”

  1. Adore Cole and Marm…I have 8 kitties and their antics keep me in hysterics…cats are extremely intelligent and inquisitive creatures and I would never be without a kitty in my life…even my homeless kitties Ive been feeding for years and years have wonderful personalities…:)

  2. these two cats are very special. when I am sad I can watch their u tube videos and they cheer me up. Marmalade is very special. He has been through a lot with his cancer..


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