Breaking News: Jailed! Dexter Kitten Killer Wilana Frazier Sentenced Today


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By Karen Harrison Binette

The Brooksville, FL woman found guilty last month of killing Dexter and Drake was sentenced today and, despite her request for probation, was taken off to jail.


Dexter kitten gained worldwide support as he tried to recover from a brutal beating last year. After months of status check hearings and delays, on June 12 of this year his accused attacker was found guilty of the abominable crime that led to his eventual death. Wilana Frazier was found guilty of using a metal bat to brutalize the two kittens and of encouraging one of her young boys to join her. She was charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty and 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Though she was charged with egging two of her boys on to beat the kittens, she was only found guilty on one of those counts.

We reported on the guilty verdict that evening, drawing from news sources and the observations of an advocate for Dexter who attended each and every court session throughout the case. That story, Jury Finds Wilana Frazier Guilty in Dexter Kitten Case , left off with the understanding that sentencing would come either today or tomorrow, and that Wilana Frazier, who had previously turned down a plea deal that would have gotten her a year, could get as much as 12 years behind bars.

Today Wilana Frazier heard her sentence. She did not get anywhere near the maximum 12 years, but was instead sent to jail for 1 year. The year spent incarcerated will be followed by five years of probation, plus 100 hours of community service and a lifetime ban on owning a pet or living with someone who has a pet. Hernando County Circuit Judge Daniel B. Merritt Jr. called the crime abhorrent and drove home his point about the ban on animal ownership by saying Frazier would not even be allowed to have a pet rock. The court suggested that many of the community service hours be served cleaning out cages at an animal shelter but did not mandate it, saying it was dependent on whether a shelter would have her.

In her plea for leniency, he 25 year old mother of four, who has another child on the way, said she just wanted to go home to her family and raise her children. “I would ask for you to give me another chance, please,” she said. “I just want to go back home to my family and my kids and raise them the right way.”  Though Frazier asked for another chance in her remarks, she has firmly denied having any involvement in the brutal attacks.

Those who have followed the case, or who came to love little Dexter kitten as he tried to recover from the attack, will recall that the incident occurred in broad daylight on June 10, 2011 at the Hill ‘n Dale park in Brooksville, FL, as children played.

One of the two brutalized kittens, posthumously named Drake, died at the scene. The other kitten, Dexter, was rescued by some children after he was horribly brutalized, and he was taken to PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic, which assumed responsibility for his care. Dexter became known worldwide, as supporters followed his progress toward healing and his sweet personality showed through. Sadly, not long after he was officially adopted by the vet tech who cared for him, Dexter has to be released from his suffering as he was gripped by seizures caused by head trauma.

Three children who testified at the trial as eyewitnesses are credited with convincing the jury of Frazier’s guilt. While their identities are being protected by the court, it is not unlikely that they are the same children who rescued little Dexter on the day of the attacks.

For more coverage of Dexter’s story and the legal proceedings against Wilana Frazier, from the beginning, click HERE.


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33 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jailed! Dexter Kitten Killer Wilana Frazier Sentenced Today”

  1. Yay! I love the BAN! Well it is a start. I don’t think she should be around shelter animals. I think picking up litter and dead animals from the streets would be better for her. She wants to raise her children right? Well teaching them to beat innnocent animals to death is not right. I wish she would have been sentenced to more jail time.

  2. One year is not enough, she should have received the maximum. It is so sad that she has taught her young children that animal cruelty is okay. Now her children will be without their Mother for a year. I truly hope she has learned her lesson but I really doubt it since she could not even admit her guilt and say how sorry she was.

  3. I’m THRILLED she got punished! THRILLED! But she should have gotten more jail time.

    Also, why don’t we have an Animal Abuser List? How do we get one started? Anyone?

  4. I do not understand why she was not declared an unfit mother, and her children removed. And another on the way! Monsters like these need to be banned from being near any children.

  5. This poor excuse for an air breather got off on a year?? Please she doesn’t deserve to raise children or animals. And she has another baby on the way??? oh yeah i feel sorry for her in the land of NOT!! She should have gotten maximum sentence. Thats whats wrong now days..a slap on the hands and away they go to do it again!! If she did it this time she will do it again only this time be sneakier!..

  6. I don’t understand how she didn’t get 12 years in jail. She not only did this in front of her own children … she *encouraged* 2 of them to torture kittens. How will they enforce that she never have another pet? Routine checks of her house? How does the court propose to make sure she never has another pet or live with someone who does? How about a real jail term instead of acting on outrage that cannot be enforced.

  7. She want to “raise her kids the right way”?! Is teaching them to abuse innocent animals the “right way”? I hope she rots!!!

  8. Only the max sentence for her and winning the lottery for me could have made me happier. She would be away from all animals and I would use every penny (YES, ALL OF IT) to help homeless and abused animals.

  9. I am very happy that she at least got jail time – which is more than most animal abusers get…however, it is not even remotely long enough for the horrific crimes she and her children committed!!!!!!! Not only should she not be allowed to have or live with any animals, she should not be allowed near a shelter animal…..and should she really be raising children??? To do what, abuse animals??? If I were the judge, those children would be taken away while there might be a shred of hope for them to be normal…..

  10. This is to Karen-I just want to say thank you for the wonderful job YOU and Life with Cats have done in covering this story, and for the well written comments you have posted.
    I so enjoy all the articles and stories you do, and look forward to seeing what you have found to bring to our attention.
    Thank you so much, and please keep up the great work!

  11. Hi Donna,
    It is very kind of you to say such nice things. I’d just like to say that I was touched by little Dexter, as were many, and, for me, the story continued to be about Dexter and Drake.

  12. if this dispicable human being would do this to kittens y r they leaving her kids with her without monitoring? am i the only one who wonders if she would do this to kittens that fit in the palm of your hand wat does she do to her kids???

  13. They should take her children away from her. They will only grow up to be scum bags. She should not be given community service cleaning out cages – she should be made to shovel up human excement. I hope she gets beat up badly in jail

  14. this woman of course didnt get her real sentence but at least the judge gave her something and remember: animal abusers and pedophiles normally dont last long in jail til they get dead!!!

  15. “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to the protection of Man, from the the cruelty of Man.” Ghandi

    says it all…

  16. this is how retarted courts are , she beat 2 kittens and they suggest that she clean out cages. HELLO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME WTF ARE YOU EFFIN STUPID and if any shelter lets her in they should have their head checked and SHUT THE HELL DOWN, the first chance she gets she will do something to the cats there.. I want to beat teh shit out of her with a bat, please give me the chance, PLEASE!!!

  17. Child services should take her children away as well. If she was charged to contributing to the delinquency of minors then legally she has already given up her rights to her children.

  18. I doubt animal shelters would want her in them. Being around animals? Are they kidding? Ofcourse she should have gotten more jail time, but unfortunatly, this is more time than most animal abusers get. And isn’t this some form of child abuse too? I do think we need to have an animal abuse list like the registered sexual abuse list. Why don’t we have them?

  19. her son no doubt will get involved in more crime actions and drugs and animal abuse. She got off easy She deserves worse. I hope the authorities get her kid brat some help so as to rescue this worthless human who help beat a poor defenseless kitty. humans can be so disgusting.

  20. I agree with you Tracey. on the poor little Dexter the kitty. What an evil piece of shit she is. The woman looks a wrong’un to me.

  21. Beth , you go girl, i and i be right with you, giv me a chance too. She shud of got more time , sterilised as well so she cant have any more kids. Throw her in a cell and leave her to rot.

  22. I think that the judge was far to lenient on her. He called the crime abhorrent but only gave her 1 year. 12 stinking months!! She deserved much more. When someone does this, encouraging her young boys to join in, then still denies that she did it, that person is mentally deficient. Her kids are much better off without her setting such a pitiful example for them. I do not think they have much of a future to look forward to, if that is the path she leads for them. I am amazed that social services did not step in and investigate this.

  23. How disgusting that she got off so easily!!! This is why animal abuse happens over and over again. It’s just that easy to get smacked with a year and walkout!! She’s not worthy of cleaning a cage out for any animal!! What a waste of bandwidth to express my disgust at deranged people like this and how lax we are in defending animals! She should rot in hell.

  24. Just another piece of black trash raising another generation of thugs. She should be locked up and the key thrown away. Another provision of probation should be sterilization.

  25. Rev. Jane: I agree. It’s up to US (and YOU) to work on getting the law to acknowledge this, and act on it!

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