BEST Video For Cats Ever!


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Chris Poole usually posts awesome videos with his cats Cole and Marmalade, but this time he’s made a video for our cats to watch (with cameos from Marmalade).

I had not planned to share the video here but my cat changed my mind. Tuppy was settled on a shelf to my left, bathing himself, staring into space, and not paying attention to me or what was happening on the laptop. Partway through my viewing of the video I noticed he’d inched over for a better view and was intently watching the screen, which he continued to do ’till the end.

Chris introduced the video saying: “A video for your cats to watch instead of you humans! … Want some free entertainment for your kitties? …. Just press play and see if they react.”

So, my cat definitely reacted to the video. Will yours?


Chris is looking for video clips of viewers’ cats watching his video. He writes: “Post your reaction videos to our Facebook page so we can all see them!”

If you have a video to share with Chris, please post it at his Cole & Marmalade Facebook page.


Video by Chris Poole (click HERE for his Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel). For more wonderful videos by Chris at our site, click HERE.


BEST Video For Cats Ever!

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  1. My cat Gidget is totally enthralled with this video. The box with the holes in it is her favorite part. Thank you for making it; it really makes her happy.

  2. My Ragdoll kitten loves this video. Especially the moving toys. It’s fun to watch him pounce on my tablet, trying to stop, or catch them. He’s an early riser. This video has given me a few extra minutes of sleep time. ❤️

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